Be not still: living in uncertain times (part 2) @ the Di Rosa center for contemporary art

(June 30-Dec 23, 2018)

caras de azúcar (2017) -San Jose Museum of Art

Caras de Azucar was part of the exhibition Beta Space (2017), commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art

Fe Quebrada: Broken Faith (2016): Mexican museum of San Francisco


Fe Quebrada: Broken Faith was originally created for a December 2015 show at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. However, at the last moment, the show was censored and cancelled due to its controversial critique of Catholicism. Luckily, the Mexican Museum in San Francisco decided to exhibit the work the following year in June 2016.


Delivery (2005)


niño roto (2015)


capital culture/media punishment (2001)




utopia/pesadilla: el sueño americano/Utopia/Nightmare: the American dream (2011): MACLA: San jose, ca


beta space -victor cartagena (2017): San Jose Museum of ArT

Beta Space: Victor Cartagena (2017) was a solo show commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art . The exhibition consisted of four main pieces: La Burrocracia (mural on paper); Labor-Tea (sculpture);  Caras de Azucar (sculpture); La Santa Cena (installation).  The show also was exhibited by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in (2018).


Bang! Bang! Toy Gun (2005)

I have an interest in the mundane, in the quotidian aspect of our lives and in how the “everyday” forms our understanding of who we are physically, emotionally and intellectually.  The observation of routine behaviors, leads me to a deeper inquiry into the underlying social and economical patterns of our society.  In my work I strive to communicate my observations and interpretations through simplicity and repetition. This installation projects our community’s encounter with a palpable reality that has the bittersweet taste of progress; one with gains and losses that are often hard to measure.
 “Cap guns, toy pistols and rifles have always been a favorite toy for kids.” A little toy gun can’t hurt anyone; it ejects water, darts and plastic bullets.  Or can it?

Perpetual motion:  Intersection for the arts, san Francisco CA (2005)


Black boxes of memory/cajas negras de la memoria (2008)




Con los ojos vendados (2005)


Broken Familia (from sites/sights of intervention) (2014): richmond art center, richmond, ca

Broken Familia was also exhibited at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (San Francisco, CA), Kittredge Gallery at the University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, WA) and California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco, CA).

TAtoos of MEMORY/Tatujajes de la memoria (2011): SOMArts, San francisco, CA

Tatuajes de la Memoria (Tattoos of Memory) references the indelible marks left on the bodies, minds and memories of those who were directly or indirectly effected by the use of Torture, graphically illustrated in the manual produced by the School of the Americas. This installation was also exhibited at Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA) and was supposed to be shown in Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE) but was censored at the last moment.

 BLACK BOXES OF MEMORY/CAJAS NEGRAS DE LA MEMORIA-Z Space and intersection for the arts, San Francisco, CA